Wednesday, September 24, 2014

The following is Blog Post number fifty three and it is entitled: The Racial Reconciliation In America Movement.

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“And the earth brought forth grass, and herb yielding seed after his kind, and the tree yielding fruit, whose seed was in itself, after his kind: and God saw that it was good.” (Genesis 1:12: KJV)

The Racial Reconciliation In America Movement also known as RR-IAM is an in process not for profit 501(C) (3) Corporation. We contend that thoughtful people recognize that American society remains in the dreadful grip of racial division created at her birth. We accept this particular Bible Text as the fundamental principle which reveals the foundation of what we know as cause and effect; for this is revelation of the universal law of sowing and reaping.

          What is reaped is contained within the seed of itself. The entire universe is an unfolding of events effecting events one producing another. So it is with this Predicate which communicates what the Racial Reconciliation In America Movement (RR-IAM) is. Our Implementations Strategies: The how we will achieve racial reconciliation and why we will do certain actions are complete and will be disclosed at a later date.

          This predicate communicates RR-IAM as a way forward to bring an end to the negative impact of racial division on American society. RR-IAM represents a beginning process for mitigating Ancestral Slavery in America; for it is Slavery that is the first cause of our current day effect which is race based hatred, bigotry, racial separatism and longstanding economic gaps between races shown in poverty that is based in race. Ancestral Slavery the first sown seed, combined with the spirit of accusation that has followed Slavery, Jim Crow and the systems of segregation since, have left our nation in the acrimony of racial divide. At RR-IAM we contend that both White and Black peoples alike exercise bigotry and racial prejudices; for racial identities on the part of both ethnic groups can contribute to racial divisions.

          Those who have most benefited from a racialized society do not want to be attached to the cause nor be accountable for the effects of our Ancestral histories. There is no holding accountable the progeny of a Slave owner. The tough reality to contend with is history that is recent not just ancient; for many beneficiaries of inequality do not want to discuss the topic of race for a variety of reasons. Many prefer to say that Black folk should just get over the past. The problem is that the past is prologue. The past is twenty-four hours in any city small or large in America if you are Black. The most recent example of this is Ferguson, Missouri where Black socioeconomic conditions and policing events are viewed through very different lens base in race.

          Domination is the principal seed contained within Ancestral Slavery. Domination by White folk in the lives of Black folk over the process of time is sown seed that has brought forth the harvest of a divided house called the United States of America. Today on things associated with race our nation is terribly divided. What RR-IAM is organized to do is change this reality. Through racial reconciliation we want to unite an ethnically divided United States of America.

          Periodically racialized local events occur sparking national turmoil; delivering the temporary refrain of many: “We need to have a national discussion about race.” Beyond the usual TV Talkers and social activists the nation never achieves any meaningful national dialogues. Certainly not dialogue that has produced any change implementation strategies.

          RR-IAM refuses to accept that such dialogue attached to change strategies is something impossible to achieve. Further we hold the truth that change implementation absolutely must occur. At RR-IAM we contend that race and ethnicity in America is so profoundly unique in the Earth that positive social evolution not negative forces are intended by God to endure.

          What the Racial Reconciliation In America Movement is at the core is change. Our purpose is to wage war on America’s racial divisions through a change implementation process that delivers actual racial reconciliation.

          What our goal is, is to produce a nation-wide stoppage of the racial animus that so openly de-values our humanity in America. What we recognize at RR-IAM is the smoldering caldron beneath our national racial divisions just waiting for the right trigger. This trigger represents an inevitable societal eruption of uncontrollable violence represented by a Ferguson, Missouri.

          At RR-IAM, we are convinced that a process for national forgiveness is the key to our hopeful future; this must be combined with an end to the irrational quest of race domination. Both will be difficult accomplishments. Although significant gains have been made in racial interactions over the past forty years in America, to reach the vision of a more Perfect Union we yet have some distance to travel.

          If a more Perfect Union is our destination, it will be a national forgiveness process that is the vehicle of transport to this destination. America needs a transition bridge that diminishes our demographic shift pressures. RR-IAM will become the bridge for crossing over hindrances to national unity: including the ancestral gulf of racialized hatred, bitterness and un-forgiveness brought on by the spirit of domination. A force that is counter to the aspirations of human equality.

          “We the people of the United States of America declare that all men are created equal and are endowed by their creator with certain inalienable rights and among these are life liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”

          As a comparatively young nation comprised of many different ethnic groups referred to as races, America is ever evolving unto a More Perfect Union; an aspiration of the Declaration of Independence. Within this vision, this aspiration which we contend was and remains divinely inspired, comes forth another part of America’s evolution: the RR-IAM. This movement is an evolutionary event that had to come forth and is now here; representing a hopeful paradigm correction: Unity that wages war on racial division.

          In the context of this movement it is recognized that reconciliation is a spiritual matter; however, as it relates to the nation we posit that racial reconciliation is an imperative necessity and it is time sensitive. As a practical matter the RR-IAM positions itself as a companion of ongoing social changes in America.

          The evolution of social change related to demographics is producing a sense of unrest; for even now the peace inside the American borders is revealed as crumbling. The RR-IAM will be the moderating force that tempers an increasing unrest and with God’s help this movement will quell the unrest altogether. That is our task assignment, which we believe is divinely inspired.

          The presence and the nature of American Slavery as an allowable mandate within the U.S. Constitution challenged the declared principle of equality as set forth in that divinely inspired document. Over the process of time both the Constitution and race constructs have evolved; seen through all ethnicity's seeking to be aligned with the founding principle of human equality. America has evolved from the 17th Century unto the 21st Century and the central equality gaps between Black and White folk represents a hindrance to our national unity.

          Today this evolving is seen in the heightened tensions between the White and Black peoples post the election of the first Black President, Barack Obama. These tensions are an expression of the forward march unto our Founders visions. We see a joyous White and Black folk from the Obama election; then we see a tremendous tension from a White opposition that seems more than just political. Such opposition that the nation's middle class is being destroyed. Those below the middle are where they were with little chance of change, though change was so hoped for.

          We posit that the White tensions are rooted in a sense of fear brought on by an unexpected monumental event of change. This Black Presidential election has projected a potential change regarding White dominating powers and influence, as a result the subtle divide is no longer subtle but revealed openly. As our population is becoming less White and Browner the threat to White domination is clearer. America has been revealed unto herself.

          An eye must be open to the future of a Post-Obama Presidency as it relates to societal tensions caused by unfulfilled promise. Such unfulfilled promise is attached to a perceived cause attributed to White opposition. How the President has been treated is as a racial matter disheartening and the diligent opposition may carry uncertain consequences when Obama leaves office. There must be an effort to harmonize the nation during this process of transition from President Obama and RR-IAM will represent an opportunity in the gap.

          With this Predicate RR-IAM is inspired to declare our intention to reconcile the White and Black races in America on April 11, 2017, by proclamation of the Congress of United States of America or through an Executive Order of the newly Inaugurated President. We contend however that it would be much better if racial reconciliation were in form: A Congressional Resolution. An example of said Proclamation shall read as follows, Be It Resolved:
•    Resolved: On Earth there is no one ethnic group of people; nor is there any race of people that is superior over another; as such all races/ethnic groups of people are hereby, and forever declared equal as a matter of birth and are in all rights: Equal as declared under the Constitution of the United States of America.
•    Resolved: In the United States of America all ethnic groups and or races of people are hereby reconciled one unto another by Executive Order Number: _____, or by House Resolution Number:_____.
•    Resolved: In the United States of America all tactics strategies and any manner of institutional race based hindrances to personal achievement that exists wherever and in whatever form is by this Executive Order or Congressional Resolution, hereby nullified and declared ceased to be valid and thereby does not exist. Where this is not adhered to with proof there will be penalty of fines and confinement. Institutional racism and bigotry based public policy is henceforth declared dead.

The following is what RR-IAM will produce as a result of Implementation Strategies that have been developed: it will be recorded and pronounced by a United Sates Congressional Resolution or Presidential Executive Order that gives voice and commitment to the following:
•    Racial Reconciliation in the United State of America will be proclaimed as an event achieved.
•    Recognition that the airing of grievances between White folk and Black folk combined with the airing of proposed solutions for reaching reconciliation having been completed; will thus be adopted as heard and registered as accomplished, thus recorded formally for the entire nation by Congressional Resolution or through an Executive Order of the President of the United States.
•    A recognition of the Ancestral wounds from Slavery in America combined with acts of contrition and repentance by White folk: Conjoined with acts of forgiveness by folk of both ethnic groups; Blacks forgiving Whites for their Ancestral dominance of Blacks and Whites forgiving themselves for the same. This being accomplished shall be ratified by a signing ceremony with the signatures of all fifty State Governors and to be prominently displayed in all State Capitals as an accomplished event of April 14, 2017.
•    A pledge resolution of harmony between the Black and White citizens in America, such that we are able to avoid the coming civil unrest associated with our highly racialized environment; this conjoined with the staging of symbolic burial events putting to rest the symbols of un-forgiveness, racism bigotry and hatred. A casket containing said symbols to be buried in a strategically significant national burial site.
•    We recognize that our education system is a source of propaganda dissemination and indoctrination of our children. There shall be a curtailment of the historical methods that have been used for creating divisions between the Black and White peoples. This shall begin within all of our schools. Agreed upon changes within the education curricula in every State shall be implemented; such that the true history of the Black people's heritage is taught. The purpose being to destroy over the process of time all residue of thinking on the part of Whites as being a superior people and Blacks as being an inferior people.
          Racial reconciliation is an effort that will occur over a process of time and shall not be expected as an instantaneous occurrence. The accepted process for the long-term societal change of racial reconciliation is to create within all of our children a higher thinking individual. A person who is developed from the inside out with a focus on creating a sense of value that is a better self, a forgiving self and therefore a non-hating self. Eradicating bigotry and racial animus over the process of time demands a sustainable national racial reconciliation effort. This is consequently an effort without termination.
•    Racial reconciliation in America is established to result in the ending of the accusatory nature associated with the communications by Black people as they engage White people. Such accusatory communication resulting from acts of history currently un-forgiven. As such it is imperative that the causes cease.
•    Racial reconciliation in America is established to equalize The Resource Bundle: which, mainly consists of: A) freedom, B) capital, C) employment, D) quality food, E) quality housing, F) quality education, G) transportation, H) quality healthcare, I) information and J) influence. Said equalization to occur as a result of a cessation of domination and by market strategies designed to remove the need for an underground economy; this being accomplished through implementation of targeted creative economic development and economic expansion methodologies focusing on Black folk.
•    Racial reconciliation in America is established to dismantle the existence of the White privilege apparatus that maintains quality of life gaps between the Black and White peoples. The symbols of this apparatus will be attached to the aforementioned symbolic burial of racism. Through RR-IAM bringing the Black people of America as a whole body of peoples out of the ravages of Ancestral Slavery into the vast freedoms of an unshackled existence shall occur.